Do you feel nervous going to a new doctor or worry that we’ll shoot air in your eyes?? Believe me, you are not alone!! Nobody, even the eye doctors, like to have things shot into their eyes! We are here to help you! When you come into Blink Eyecare, we will greet you with a smile, explain everything from the insurance benefits to the exam findings in detail and never shoot anything in your eyes. (We will still check your eye pressures for glaucoma but in a much gentler way!)

Leslie and I (Dr. Stromberg) both wear glasses and/or contact lenses, so we’ve both been in your position before. I got my first pair of glasses in 6th grade, so I understand your children’s apprehensions about wearing glasses. Thankfully, glasses have become a lot cooler and more of an accessory than they were in for me in 1990. Like most kids I went through the stage of not wanting to wear my glasses and choosing poor vision over glasses. Then at 13, I got contact lenses. Like anyone trying contact lenses for the first time, I had problems with inserting and removing the contact lenses. I even had to go back for another “class” to try the contacts a different day.

So we understand….. we understand that it’s hard to wear glasses when you’re a kid…we understand that kids want and need to look cool around their friends…we understand that contact lenses seem scary for parents and everyone needs practice at first…we understand that you may have gone 40 years not needing glasses and that you really don’t want them yet…we understand that I bifocal may sound scary (I just got my first pair of progressives too). But we are here to help you! We will work with you to get you into the right eyewear or lenses that YOU feel comfortable in. We love seeing children but also want to take care of you parents and adults.

Thanks for reading my first blog post and trusting us to take care of you and your family. We can’t wait to see you all in the office and introduce ourselves in person! Stay tuned for more posts to come. Bye for now!

Erin Stromberg, OD